The Crew

It's D/GM Sam!

Sam McIntyre was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He began his journey into the realm of tabletop role-playing games in high school alongside his good friend Ross Frady. It would be many years until he dabbled in any sort of game running, but once he found himself bitten by the DM bug it was hard to stop. Since starting he has run games in a variety of systems, and looks forward to getting to know the new Pathfinder system alongside his table, and the listeners.

Some fun facts about Sam: he has played the drums for many years, including being in the pit orchestra for shows such as Les Miserables, Aida, and All Shook Up. He enjoys cooking, and his favorite fast food restaurant is Cook-Out. He hopes that people listening will get a good laugh or two from the podcast. Ultimately it should feel like a fine place to kick off your shoes, take a seat at the old table, and have some laughs with friends.

Weber, a.k.a. Rhusam!

Matthew has roughly 8 years of experience DM-ing and playing pen and paper RPGs in various systems including Pathfinder 1 and the version 2 Playtest, D&D 3.5-5, Diaspora, and Genesys.  His nerdier hobbies range across board games of all types to computer shenanigans such as gaming, networking, and home servers…plus a ton of other non relevant hobbies that eat up too much free time.  That’s all that matters here, right?

Ross, a.k.a. Kresh!

Ross has played table top RPGs since 2008, both as GM and player. In this time, he’s played everything from DnD 3.5 to 5th edition, as well as Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars RPG, Fate, Diaspora, and now Pathfinder 1st and 2nd edition.

Outside of the world of Golarion he mostly just does schoolwork, alongside talking about sports too much. Video games, movies, and music round out his other hobbies. Ross is excited to make everyone listen to his terrible accent while scheming of different ways to stick a fork in his GM’s craw.

editor’s note: I don’t know what Ross means by that. Watch your craw, Sam.

Andrew, a.k.a. Ozramahn

Once upon a time, you could not possibly convince Andrew Nicholson to play a tabletop RPG with you, though his good friend and old college roommate J.P. Dasher tried many times. Fortunately, those days are now over. His first experiences in the realm of nerdiness were from reading H.P. Lovecraft stories in college, and from there it snowballed into reading Tolkien and Robert E. Howard (Conan, what is best in life?). Despite this, Andrew still needed to have his arm twisted to play that first session of D&D* when he moved to Charlotte NC, but boy howdy, he didn’t stand a chance after that.

When Andrew isn’t screaming at dice or forgetting NPC names, he can be found at home with his beautiful wife, two cats, and his true soulmate, Gus the Campaign Notes Dog. In his spare time he enjoys reading, watching movies, writing and recording music, making his own sushi, fly-fishing, camping and drinking coffee. He’s very excited that you’ve decided to give the podcast a listen, and also, he has to go now because one of his cats just jumped into the recycling bin.

*which, by the way, ended in a total party/universe kill at the merciless hands of a crazed and bloodthirsty Matthew Weber

JP, a.k.a. Cyrus!

JP Dasher, another homegrown Charlottean, has been tabletop gaming since about 2010. He started in earnest with D&D 4e, then along with the rest of the crew moved on to other systems such as FATE/Diaspora, Genesys, D&D 5e, Pathfinder, and Call of Cthulhu (played on a dark and stormy night in a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains, no less!).

Away from the table, JP enjoys videogaming, reading, patronizing local breweries (and meaderies!), and spending time with his wife and their pets. He loves a good bit of dark humor as well, and hopes to one day create something that destroys him.


Andrew found me at dog prison, and I looked extra sad so that he would take me away. Now I live with him. I don’t know what podcasting is, but I like to eat pizza and sleep. I like belly scratches and when people jostle my neck rolls. I also like to eat pizza and sleep. Email dog treats to GusTheDog at Thank you for your patronage. I will sleep now.